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A Pawn Story

What to start life as?

Rook, knight, bishop…

I wanted to start life as a pawn.
A pawn that will reach your dreams after 6 squares.

The world is not a suitable place to make art. I must either go to space or discover a planet for myself. I discovered my own planet with marbles. This is my planet. Away from people's thoughts. Where I find my ideas.

I transfer my thoughts by design.
I am a thought designer.

The first step to production is the idea. Ideas become designs. Designs come to life. Years ago, I wanted to be a producer, not a consumer. Design; It has been a tool for my purpose.

The designs that remained in two dimensions began to not satisfy me. I wanted to go beyond works whose function appeals only to the emotions. I turned to the field of industrial design.

Design Services

Atahan Göktürk Güner

Let's make the next move with you.