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With technology advancing so much, there is a generation that is growing up and recognizing nature, animals, and plants through touch screens, without actually getting to know them. But first, it is necessary to know nature, and that is what we believe. We plan to prioritize this in this project.

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Paper Piyon: Paper Toy Products

The imagination of a child is as creative as being able to see a goat eat a snake, or to see a sheep inside a box. Even as we grow older, we are still those who can see the sheep inside the box. For us, the edge of a carpet can be a road and a pot lid can be a steering wheel. Our favorite coffee is the one we used to play with when we were kids, and the one we served to you. As those who do not want children’s dreams to be limited, we are starting a new project.


1950s Turkish Migration and Its Impact on Painting

Human migration is the change of the place where the person or a group lives permanently. ‘Human migration’ does not include nomadism (seasonal migration), seasonal labor, arbitrary travel. Human migration; what immigrants do to raise their living standards; to escape negativities such as war, hunger, unemployment or political oppression; is compulsory or non-essential mobility. Migration is an ordinary human behavior. Evolutionarily trying to protect and survive is part of human nature.


Formation of the Artist Personality

The concepts of art and artist, are inexplicable as general definitions. Because art, in and of itself, is a relative concept. Let alone changing from each individual, the emotions of art can change thousands of times even for one person. So when the concept of art is so special nowadays, for whom do we use the word “artist” or for what can we say “yes, this is art!”?


Color Psychology in Branding and Its Impact on Users

Color is an exciting concept that stimulates various emotions in the human brain. We see, understand, and differentiate objects by detecting their color and feeling differently for different colored things. All of us see colors differently because registering colors' visual information happens in our diverse personal brains; therefore, colors are always subjective. But even though they vary from human to human, there are some emotions that the colors awaken in nearly all of us, giving colors generalized meanings.



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