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There was an earthquake in Türkiye on February 6, 2023. We are very saddened by this event in our country. As the Piyon team, we started an initiative to raise awareness of the earthquake. We are publishing the projects that came on it with you. Get Well Soon Türkiye.

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What is an Earthquake? Precautions to be Taken in an Earthquake

An earthquake is an event in which the energy that suddenly emerges as a result of fractures in the earth’s crust spreads in waves and shakes the environments they pass through and the earth’s surface. Earthquakes can be so small that they cannot be felt, or they can be large enough to destroy cities. Earthquakes can cause tsunamis, continental drift and volcanic activity.


Emergency Tent - Temporary Shelter After Disaster

Emergency Tent is a living unit where people can stay until the temporary shelters are built after the disaster. It is designed for one person per unit. If required, it can accommodate two people thanks to the portable bed. It is easy to set up thanks to its gusseted scissor mechanism. Unlike many tents or inflatable shelters, it is robust. Can be reused after use.


Shigeru Ban’s Designs for Earthquake Victims

Shigeru Ban is a Japanese architect known for his innovative use of materials and his work on humanitarian projects. His firm, Shigeru Ban Architects, has designed a wide range of buildings around the world, including museums, office buildings, residences and temporary housing for disaster relief. Ban is also known for using sustainable and recyclable materials in his designs. Looking at some of Ban’s designs for earthquake victims can move us forward socially and culturally, inspiring us with creative ways to help people.


Erqfire - Portable Heater

Erqfire portable heater is designed to be used for heating shelter areas such as tents and containers, especially in cases of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires, landslides, etc. Erqfire is ready for use by connecting to the electricity source. The fan is switched on by turning the fan button from the control buttons, then the heating elements are switched on by pressing the heating element buttons. The cold air coming out of the fan reaches the resistance bed through the air conduction channel, where the air molecules hitting the surface of the resistance are heated and compressed towards the hot air outlet part and from there, the hot air is transmitted to the tents or containers through the aluminium foil coated polyethylene insulation pipe. It can heat 2 containers and tents at the same time.


IKEA Earthquake Relief and Kazakh Dormitories

In the earthquake of February 6, 2023, which affected many of our provinces, the houses of the earthquake victims were destroyed or became too dangerous to return to their homes. A lot of help and support was provided from our country and many parts of the world, in this article we have discussed the designs and functions of RHU houses and Kazakh dormitories.


Migration Housing Design - Post Disaster Housing

Migration, whether within the borders of the country or outside the borders of the country, is carried out in order to escape from the unfavourable conditions of the region or to take advantage of the advantages of the destination. The conditions that cause people to relocate may vary according to the place and time. Individual or collective migration may occur for many reasons such as the search for prosperity, escape from war or violence, political instability, family reunification policies, political asylum, better educational opportunities.


Earthquake Psychology - Limits of Normalization

Post-earthquake relief and rescue efforts are largely oriented towards saving lives, rehabilitation of living beings, and repair of buildings and infrastructure services. However, earthquake is a natural disaster that can cause serious psychological problems for the survivors besides causing physical destruction and death.


Delta Charging Unit

I developed this design based on the charging problem faced by disaster-affected individuals and disaster area personnel, which leads to communication issues. This product, designed for people in difficult conditions in disaster areas, addresses the charging problem by being portable and capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously. Access to communication, which is sometimes a life-saving necessity, is facilitated through this product.


Temporary Shelter After Earthquake

Humanity; since its existence, it has been in search of a place that will protect itself from external influences, compatible with the environment and meet the need for shelter. Various answers to this search, which started in the early ages, have been found by people using materials that have developed with the change of technology and time. However, as a result of various seismic activities exposed during the formation and development process of the planet we live on, the destruction and damage of these places from time to time has been inevitable. Especially when these disasters occur in winter, shelter has become a very big problem.


Simple Table Design Project

A table designed to provide easy use in environments where people temporarily reside due to emergencies. It has been designed with cheap production and distribution, minimum material usage and easy assembly in mind.



With love from the Piyon team…