The digital world which has been improving itself immensely in the recent years is being celebrated by many, but at the same time it is receiving harsh criticism.
This makes us wonder how the improvement and progress of technology can have negative implications and how can it not be appealing for people. We can start analysing this topic with the Metaverse.

Metaverse can be defined as the transformation of our role in the digital world; how the digital world changes from content we consume to experiences we can live through.
The term “Metaverse” was first introduced 60 years ago by the Sensorama machine, developed by Morton Heilig. This machine is considered as the first VR machine. After the infroduction of Sensorama and Metaverse, many companies started working rapidly on developing and improving VR. In the 90s, Metaverse mostly had military uses. Nowadays, we can say that it’s primary use has shifted to user experience and advertising.

Ai Image Girl with VR

Especially during COVID-19 and the pandemic, VR technology and online meet ups, the idea of talking to others and interacting with them, and the need to move and explore spaces has been quite popular.
Everybody has been visiting museums through VR technology, taking online and meeting up with friends. During this time, most people accepted that we are in the digital age, the world will continue this way, and started believing that the end of physical meetings is near.

Facebook changing its name to Meta and encountering an increase in market value also further supported this belief. However, as the pandemic ended and its effects disappeared, it was revealed that the society still craves and values cold and real world experiences.

A screenshot from the Metaverse party held in the scope of the EU Global Gateway Program.

A screenshot from the Metaverse party held in the scope of the EU Global Gateway Program.

These news were followed by Meta firing a lot of workers and losing its market value. For the Metaverse party initiated by the EU for 18-35 year olds cost €387,000, and only six people attended this party. The EU aim of hosting this party was to young people about the worlds, problems and politics, therefore, to create awareness. But the outcome shows that Metaverse is a concept known by the majority of the youth, but it is not used by them.

Of course, this does not mean that Metaverse and VR technology is dead or over. In the digital age, concepts such as Metaverse is unavoidable. Maybe humanity is not ready for it yet or in other words, people just don’t need some digital innovations. But why? About VR, the first reason would be VR glasses are too bulky, and they are not in line with our social standards regarding ease of use. However, there are bigger reasons why VR, and Metaverse hasn’t been adopted by many.

According to the famous psychologist, Sigmund Freud human interaction is based on physical and bodily touch and feelings. Touch is a major aspect of this. When we were talking about the pandemic, we mentioned how people you found alternative ways to touch and meet. And the phrase alternative is quite interesting all of these alternatives for digital innovations. These digital innovations are not ready to replace the main form of human interaction.

Another topic, that’s been quite popular recently, is artworks and designs created by artificial intelligence. Some see this as a great innovation of technology, and it promises the coming of the digital age; whereas others defend that artificial intelligence, learns from existing artwork, and uses this information without permission. This is seen as unethical, and is afraid of illustrators losing their jobs. This fear is similar to the fair faced by many during the industrial revolution. The book and film, Charlie’s chocolate factory is a good example from the popular culture depicting this fear. In the beginning of the story new machines were introduced to the factory Charlie’s father was working at, so his father was fired from the job and was replaced by the machines. Therefore, this fear regarding where AI is going, is a repetition of history, pointing towards a new age.

AI visualises designs by using keywords and images. It’s creates the work and you straight through can prepare in days in just a few seconds. But is this article it can be argued, but certainly it is a technological innovation. Some changes and innovations are curious, whether people want it or not. Maybe “if there was no demand, it wouldn’t exist” is not a suitable saying for this age. created the little innovations hold on, if demand for it occurs. The popularity of these innovations are totally equal to their lifetime. It can be said thar the digital innovations presented to people who are not ready for the change have a great effect on everyone, but they don’t have a permanent place in society yet.

AI is one of the most popular topics of today.

AI is one of the most popular topics of today.

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